The Impact of Foliar Application of Urea, Zinc and Canada Humex on Yield and Fruit Properties of Jujube “C.V Puyin” Under Saudi Arabia Conditions

Alaa El-Din k Omar, Rashed S. Al-Obeed, Adel M. Al-Saif, Said Soliman


The effect of foliar applications with urea, zinc sulphat and Canada Humex at 1 and 2% on yield and fruit quality of Jujube trees ‘Puyun’ was determined through 2012 and 2013 seasons. All treatments were applied twice (after 15 days of fruit set and one month after first spray).  Fruit yield and its components were improved at all treatments during both seasons. Canada Humex applications enhanced physical and chemical characteristics but did not affect acidity content in first season only, as compared with other treatments and the control. Spraying with 2% level was more effective than spray 1% in all treatments. Canada Humex (2%) increased yield, fruit weight, flesh weight and fruit volume, SSC and reducing and total sugars. Also, urea and zinc sulphate 2% enhanced yield and quality of jujube fruit. Canada Humex improved fruit yield and quality compared to urea and ZnSO4. Canada Humex as a natural product, is more favorable to the consumer than other chemical compounds.


Zizyphus jujoba, Canada Humex, safe products, Saudi Arabia, urea, Zn SO4

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