Challenges Relating to Application of Some Agricultural Innovation in Elgouz Locality, South Kordofan State, Sudan

Mohammed Adam Abbas Abbas Hamad, Salim Abdelgadir Mohamed, yahia ibrahim abutaba


ABSTRACT The idea of this topic was produced due to the importance of the agricultural innovation in increasing productivity in the area, therefore improve the GDP. Extensionists have been trying to persuade smallholder farmers to adopt agricultural innovations. This paper was dedicated to deal with challenges concerning the application of some agricultural innovations in Elgouz locality, South Kordofan State, Sudan. This study aimed specifically to find out the type of innovations and farmer perception toward innovation and what extension services were delivered. Primary quantitative and qualitative data were collected by social survey, direct interview and group discussion. Thirty six (36) questionnaires were randomly distributed among the farmers who received and practiced agricultural innovation; secondary data were collected from books, journals, and relevant sources. SPSS analysis Program was applied. The results of study indicated that two innovations were delivered to farmers; improved seed and agricultural mechanics, also the results showed that ineffective role of extension services, and majority of farmers have positive perceptions towards agricultural innovations (72%). The results revealed that constrains relating to improved seed and agricultural mechanisms such as attacks by pest, germinations problems, cost in uses, and difficult to repair. Finally, the study recommends that more attention should be given to agricultural extension systems and deep agricultural researches in this discipline.


Challenges Relating, Application, Agricultural Innovation, Elgouz Locality, South Kordofan State, Sudan

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