Nutritional Evaluation of Dried Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea L.) in Broiler Performance

khalid mohammed elamin, Elsadig H Elhussein, khadiga abbas AbdELatti, Elshiekh A Ibrahim


The experiment was conducted to determine the effect different levels of purslane (P. oleracea L.) meal on broiler performance. One hundred and eighty one-day old unsexed (Ross-308) broiler chicks were randomly divided into five groups each represent a treatment (36 birds/treatment), with six replicates, (6 birds/replicate). A Completely Randomized Design (CRD) was used, with different levels of purslane meal (0, 2, 4, 6 and 8%). The experiment was continued for six weeks. Feed intake and body weight were recorded and determined on weekly basis with body weight gain and feed conversion ratio throughout the experimental period. The results of weekly performance indicated significant differences (P<0.05) among the dietary treatments (0, 2, 4, 6 and 8% purslane meal) for feed intake, body weight gain and feed conversion ratio. The differences among the dietary treatment for, the overall feed intake, body weight gain, feed conversion ratio and dressing percentage, were significant (P<0.05) except feed conversion ratio. It is concluded that the use of 4% is not suitable for broiler feeding.


Broilers, Green feed, minerals, lameness

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