Effect of Feeding Different Supplements on the Performance of Yankasa Rams Offered a Basal Diet of Groundnut Haulms

Halilu Nyako


The experiment was conducted at the Department of Animal Science Teaching and Research Farm, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria with 12 Yankasa rams aged 6-12 months and live weight of about 15.5 - 20.5kg. The experiment was a Completely Randomised Design in which the rams were randomly divided into 4 treatments with 3 animals per treatment. The treatments were: T1 (groundnut haulms only adlib, control). T2 (groundnut haulms adlib + Cotton Seed cake). T3 (Groundnut haulms adlib + brewers waste).T4 (Groundnut haulms adlib + maize bran). Inadequate quantity and quality of feeds during the dry season lead to reduced feed intake and weight loss of small ruminants in the tropics.  Due to some constraints highlighted it calls for supplementation of feeds which will increase feed intake and reduce loss weight of small ruminants. The experiment lasted a period of 74 days plus two weeks adjustment period. Results showed that the highest dry matter intake and live weight gain (850.53g/head/day/) and (96.4g/a/d) respectively was recorded in rams fed groundnut haulms supplemented with cotton seed cake. The highest dry matter digestibility (63.3%) was recorded in T4 while Water intake ranged from 2.9 – 3.4 litre/head /day. Thus, Groundnut haulms supplemented with cotton seed cake is highly efficient in feeding small ruminants in the Zone.


Adlib, Brewer’s waste, Groundnut haulms, cotton seed cake, Maize bran, Live weight gain, Yankasa,

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