Impact of Vitamins C and E on the Gonadal Hormone of Adult Rabbits in the Humid Tropics

M.A Yahaya, S.N. Wekhe, O.O Ukpai, Kelechi Peter Ajuogu, L. Ndor


Research work was carried out to determine the impact of vitamin C, E and their synergism on estrogen and testosterone status of rabbits. Twenty four (24) adult rabbits comprising 50:50 ratio of both sexes were used in this study, they were randomly allocated into four Treatment groups designated A, B, C and D with the vitamins added at the following levels 0.00/kg vitamins, 500mg/kg Vitamin C, 3000iu vitamin E/kg and 6000iu vitamin E/kg and 1000mg vitamin C/kg respectively in a Compete Randomized Design (CRD). The study lasted for six (6) weeks with two (2) weeks serving as stabilization period. The results revealed significant impact on the estrogen status amongst the treatment groups (P<0.05). On the hand, there were no significant difference between the treatment groups on the Testosterone status probed (P> 0.05). It was therefore concluded that Vitamine C and E can be used to improve the profile of estrogen of rabbit does.  


Vitamin E and C, synergism, Testosterone, Estrogen, Rabbits

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