White Blood Cells Tolerance Levels of Adult Rabbits Exposed to Crude Oil Ingestion in Niger Delta Region Nigeria

M.A. Yahaya, Kelechi Peter Ajuogu, A.O. Ekine


A study was conducted to determine the white cells threshold levels of rabbits exposed to crude oil ingestion in the oil producing region of Niger Delta of Nigeria. a total of thirty four (34) rabbits consisting of two bucks kept separately away from the thirty two (32) does randomly allotted to four treatment groups of A, B, C and D with the following (Bonny light) percentage crude oil inclusion rate per kg of feed mash of 0.0%, 0.01%, 0.02% and 0.03% were used in this study respectively. Each treatment was replicated into two replicates of two does. Results obtained revealed significant difference (p<0.05) in the percentage values of lymphocytes, ersinophils and giant cells- recorded amongst the treated groups. The percentage values of basophils showed that, group B recorded lower values than the root group. It was therefore concluded that, rabbits can tolerate exposure to crude oil ingestion up to 0.03% in formulated feed. The degree of stress imposed can be monitored by studying the leucocytes. Such indices can form useful parameters for laboratory application in clinical examination  


White Blood Cells, Tolerance, Rabbits, Crude Oil, Niger Delta,

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